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    Understand the risks, potential impacts and relevant information, tools and guidance needed for specific types of environmental emergencies.

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    Build your knowledge and enhance your skills in preparing for and responding to environmental emergencies with a series of self-taught online training modules. Read more

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    Try the EEC eLearning module "Disaster Waste Management: best practices and tools", which is available now!

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The Environmental Emergencies Centre (EEC) is an online preparedness support centre - a knowledge hub designed to ensure an effective response to environmental emergencies. The EEC is a one-stop-shop of information, tools, trainings and guidance to inform a more prepared and effective response to environmental emergencies. 

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Essential Tools

  • Hazard Identification Tool


  • Disaster Waste Management Guidelines

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  • Flash Environmental Assessment Tool ...


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Are you Prepared?

  • Do you know the risks and potential impacts?  Get prepared! Increase your knowledge with online trainings, tools and guidelines, and lessons learned.
  • Do you have a contingency plan? Develop, practice and update your disaster and contingency plan.
  • Who are you going to call in case of an emergency? Know who and how to contact your local and national authorities as well as the JEU.
  • Stay Informed, Aware and Prepared! Read latest news and join the discussion.
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